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It's finally here, kinky babes - and I'm so excited to share it with you.

For years I've carried the idea of courses in my mind, but never acted on it - life get's busy, time isn't right, every excuse until... I realized I use kink in my life

Yes, everyday.

The skills that kink has given me with communication, consent, boundaries, and the list goes on... they are eternally valuable to me. I am stronger, confident, and very, very well-fucked.

Talking about kink through my platform, it makes sense that my babes are eager to try - but where do you start? How do you find your kink? How do you even begin to have these conversations or explore what might turn you on?


Discovering Kink: A beginner's course to becoming your best, kinky self.

In this "go at your own pace" mood, you'll have all the time in the world to learn about yourself, your partner, and integrate kink in your life.


  • Learn about kink & it's definitions

  • Get familiar with the ethics of kink, and how to practice ethically yourself

  • Learn communication that gets you what you want, while equipping you to be a powerful communicator inside and outside of the bedroom.

  • Establish your boundaries, setting up the kinky path to what you want (or don't want) to try in your journey

  • Get rock solid on consent: How to give it, and how to take it.

  • Have multiple resources like activities, games, and worksheets to compliment your learnings & make practicing kink smooth like butter.

  • Learn about 30+ of the most common kinks with examples + video tutorials on how to incorporate them into your practice.

  • Feel empowered AF in your kink knowledge and game, feeling ready to try new things with confidence.

Does this sound like it's for you? Learn more and get you kinky booty into my beginner's kink course!

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