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Dame Kip: Say goodbye to walking

When I think of Kip; I see fireworks, I see quivering, I see stars…. I literally can’t stop using it. 

I was so beyond delighted when Dame reached out about sending me Kip. Already being such a fan of their Eva 2 hands free vibrator, I instantly jumped up and down knowing this was coming to my doorstep. A rendition of the lipstick vibrator, I knew top secret meant important… but I didn’t realize they created something I would compare to Nirvana. 

If you don’t know too much about Dame, the most important thing is that their products are made BY WOMEN, for women. The designs work with vulvas the same way a perfect couple would dance, or a puzzle finding its piece: it is meant to be, and it wasn’t designed by someone who assumes what would “feel good”. 

The Design

Photo by Dame

Now I'll be honest, when I unboxed Kip I had no idea what the design was about- I had never seen anything like it. The top was a cupped, triangular tip and then the body consisted of 3 edges- I frankly didn’t know how to place it on my clitoris. Like they said, it is a remake of the lipstick vibrator- but so much more appealing and gender neutral.  Knowing it had a super soft silicone design, I wasn’t opposed to heavily experimenting with it. 

Upon doing a little reading, I got educated on how to utilize Kip to the best of its abilities. The angled silicone tip actually has the ability to flutter with vibration, while you can use the ridges of the vibrators shaft to stimulate the whole vulva. Basically, you can use this vibrator in any direction and it is still going to rock your world. It promises a lot, so I took it to the bedroom,

God is Real

As always, one should not start the act of masturbation without some lube- lube on the clitoris is a great way to prevent injury or abrasion.

Turning on Kip was super easy, just hold down on its home button for 3 seconds and then use the two other buttons to decide which setting you want- which includes 5 patterns and intensities. My personal preference is the steady vibration pattern at the highest intensity. 

On my preferred setting, I placed the angled tip on my clitoris, it became clear that this funny shape was actually perfect for covering your clitoris and clitoral hood. Holding the steady vibrations to my clitoris, I was shocked to see that I actually liked switching between the angled tip and the ridges on the shaft, for the vibrations could cover my entire clitoris and vulva. 

Using the ridge, the pleasure was almost unbearable from feeling the vibrations pulsate through my clitoris and down near my vaginal opening- something that no other tiny vibrator has accomplished successfully. The ridged edges fit perfectly inside the labia, so they don’t get in the way or hurt to use. Even with the vibrations, I like to gently rock the vibrator back and forth to distribute the vibrations.

Its safe to say with all this pleasure, I didn’t even last 5-6 minutes until I climaxed so hard I thought I was going to pass out. After feeling what felt like Nirvana, I went back for round 2…3…4… and I won't embarrass myself by revealing how long I spent with this incredible vibrator.

The Kicker

Since my first experience with Kip was so mind-blowing, I got a crazy idea and decided to pair it with my glass dildo. I am new to liking internal stimulation, but the glass dildo I have is heavily ridged with a bigger head to really grip the g spot and stimulate the clitoris internally. 

Pairing it with Kip on the external clitoris, I can truly say this was the best orgasm I have ever had in my entire life. It almost felt as if two different types of orgasms were happening at the same time, and it truly left me a bit confused afterwards. My legs felt like noodles, and I had to lay down for 10 minutes before I could move.  It feels as if I learn my vulva’s new powers every month, and it surpasses my wildest dreams.

Moral of the story is: pair this with internal stimulation and you might be paralyzed from pleasure- I lost all control of my legs and this probably wasn’t safe to do alone. 

True Love

I don’t go anywhere without Kip now. You can TRULY tell this product was made by women, since it fits my anatomy so well. There is something so special about celebrating the amazing women around you and the innovations they provide! For me, they have provided one of the most intense, orgasmic experiences. Honestly, the gift that keeps on giving. 

It took my long enough to write this review, but we will let you decide if thats due to my schedule…. Or me always busy with Kip. 

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