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Dame Eva 2 Review

Finally people, finally- One of the few sex toys made specifically for women- and by women!

My gal at MedAmour sent me over this product, and raved at the fresh new take it has in the industry. Y’all know I'm all about supporting powerful, smart, and innovative women- so Dame products is the top of my list. 

In the sex toy industry, although filled with incredible products, we fail to see many products that are designed to fully cater to female pleasure during intercourse. 

Yes, having sex alone feels great, but no one can deny the oh so mind blowing feeling of a vibrator on your clitoris while you have penetration- all orgasms originate from the clitoris!

Plus, most women do not climax during vaginal sex alone, meaning we could all use a little help.

Here's the thing

The problem here is that many vibrators or toys that make your legs shake, just aren’t really compatible with sex. Your vibrator may be too rumbly and bother your partner, it might be inconvenient to hold a toy against your clitoris, or some toys (like vibrating cock rings) just don’t provide the steady flow of vibes you need. 

Innovations in partnered sex toys have come far, such as the We Vibe Sync (which I love)- but the Dame Eva 2 is meant specifically for women to wear during sex, hands free, providing steady vibrations without disrupting your partner. 

Unlike the We Vibe Sync, the Eva 2 is much smaller in comparison, and comfortably latches onto your vulva by snugging its two inner wings under your labia. Thats right, the heavy vibrations of Eva sit right on top of your clitoris and can withstand many positions, no hands needed. While the We Vibe Sync goes inside of you as well, Eva 2 doesn’t- meaning it could be a better option for women with smaller vaginas who would feel its too much to have on with partnered sex. 

The look

My first and favorite general quality about this toy is the size- it is incredibly small, and literally pocket sized. After using it a couple times, I just had to keep it in my wallet to make sure I always had it. It comes in a teal like green, and a light pink- made of the highest quality medical grade silicone of course. The base goes over your clitoris, while the attached “wings” are used to grip onto the inside of your labia for a steady ride. Even better? She comes with this cute little charging pod that has a cover, so it can be discreetly charged and protected when not in use. 

Test Drive

Just to see if this little nugget really held on to my vagina, I put it on (as instructed) and tried walking around, lunging, squatting, bending over… whatever position I think I could possibly find myself in during sex. I mean, I'll be damned! She stayed on pretty damn well considering I have very small labia, meaning the wings of the products did a fine job of gripping on. She did fall off during a lunge, but then again that probably isn’t a natural sex position and thats my own fault. 

Turning her on, she has 3 steady vibrational speeds- which I was surprised to see just how powerful the first one was. By the third speed, I was confident I could use this toy to masturbate hands free- a true blessing for someone like myself who has carpal tunnel. Even with the heavy turbulence, she still stayed put and was extra comfortable. 

The Ultimate Test

I mean, whats the point of reviewing this toy if I didn’t actually have sex with it on? I am always one to find it annoying holding a vibrator during sex, and it can get complicated with heavy movement of course. 

I latched her on as instructed, and I chose to not use lube on the toy since I felt it would decrease its ability to hold on. My partner thought it looked absolutely adorable, and mentioned it was a “decoration for your vagina”.

To start, I only put her on the first vibrational setting- to which my partner did not feel at all. I do have to say the vibrations on this toy are pretty noisy, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you're trying to be quiet. I eventually built up the the third setting, and my partner was able to slightly feel it- to which it did not bother his performance.

As the toy held on the entire time, I was blown away by being able to experience full time clitoral stimulation while really being able to bond with my partner.  He was enticed and overjoyed with my heightened experience, which in turn made our sexual connection stronger together- there is nothing more beautiful than seeing your partner in sexual bliss!

What impressed me the most was my ability to have multiple orgasms during intercourse, which can usually only happen to me during masturbation/ foreplay during my session. It truly was a hands free, exciting, leg scrambling experience. 


Clearly I'm passionate about this product considering I don’t want to live without it, but I'm even more passionate about the fact that its a female forward innovation to focus on our pleasure. It was structured perfectly to fit our anatomy, giving us the freedom to heighten our sexual experiences substantially. Lets not forget, made by incredibly smart and revolutionary women, who are changing lives one vagina at a time. Even though it is a noisier product (to me), I think its something you can work past with some good music or natural sexual sounds. Keep in mind this is a great toy to have in any kind of partnered sex- it would fit lovely for someone who wears a strap on and wants pleasure, great to wear while also receiving anal stimulation, a warm up during foreplay, and even a nice tough to masturbation.

For You

- Product: PS these sell out quick, the green is already gone!

-Type code JULIETA to get 10$ off your purchase of $50+

- You will get free shipping on orders $75+ with free samples!


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