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CBD lube: nirvana

CBD has been all the rage lately, and obviously I can attest to its benefits since I am a regular user of CBD for my anxiety- it's a component that comes from the marijuana plant, but doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects (like the ones from THC).

It's very appealing because it doesn’t impair your functioning, and reaps many of the same benefits of THC use such as muscle relaxation, anti inflammatory properties, and can help with pain relief. Very much like THC products, CBD can be put on topically in the form of creams, patches, and yes…… some mastermind created CBD freaking lube.  

I personally think it is the most genius idea, since applying a topical product to an area affects only that area. This is a massive breakthrough for many women who may could have issues with endometriosis, vaginal dryness, anorgasmia, or going through any treatment/ medical issue that could result in painful sex. Even if you don’t have issues with painful sex, a lube with CBD could definitely help heighten your sexual experience. 

Bella Aqua D'Amore- Unboxing

The ladies at MedAmour sent me the Bella Aqua D’Amore CBD Infused Personal Lubricant, which is a water based lube with 25MG of CBD. This is one of MedAmour’s most prized products, considering they're dedicated to sexual wellness and health, no matter what walk of life you are going through. This product claims to promote blood flow to the area, and act as an anti-inflammatory- once again, super awesome if you are experiencing pain during sex. 

The bottle is absolutely beautiful, and its sun proof since UV rays can damage CBD. I opened the bottle and put a small drop of the lube on the top of my hand to see the general consistency. What surprised me right off the bat is that the lube had no smell- which is my absolute favorite. There is nothing nastier to me than the over whelming smell of lube, which usually you will get with poorly made silicone based lube (lol stop buying Walmart lube ladies). 

I then took a bigger drop and coated the top of my hand- the consistency is sooooo light and airy! It didn’t leave my hand sticky or tacky- meaning that you aren’t going to need a machine powered shower after using it in order to get the sticky lube feeling off.

The real test

Since this lube is so nice, I really didn’t have to use that much to get me started. I put a pea size amount on my vulva, and then a pea size amount on my We Vibe Sync, that way the lube would obviously be absorbed internally, and for comfort. Since it is a water based lube, you are free to use it with ANY toy.  As weird as this is, I didn't start self pleasuring right away- I laid there for 10 minutes so I could really concentrate on what feeling the lube was giving me. I highly recommend doing this when trying new lubes that claim to “stimulate” or do anything in combination with lubrication. 

After the 10 minute mark, I could feel that I was very much aroused- blood was definitely flowing, as the product claimed. It felt very comparable to having had foreplay with someone, except all I did was lay there! My vulva had slight tingling feeling, which was extremely relaxing- for lack of better terms, it felt like it was vibing. 

When I turned on my toy to self pleasure, which I recommend reading the review on that here, I was surprised to see just how fast my body was reacting to stimulation. When I've tried my We Vibe Sync, it will usually take me around 20-30 minutes of self pleasure to reach climax(s). With the CBD lube applied and absorbed, I could barely last to 10 minutes before I had one of the strongest orgasms I have ever experienced!

Orgasm Nirvana

Obviously I was extremely aroused, the CBD was working its magic- but I didn’t think it would affect the quality of my orgasms. My orgasm seemed much more potent, SENSATIONAL, and it lasted about 15-20 seconds longer than it usually would. In orgasm time, THATS A LONG DAMN TIME. I felt my orgasm radiate through my entire lower body, and it really left me twitching at the toes. Immediately after orgasm, I felt my entire pelvic floor just relax and become extremely warm and comfortable. I have no idea what to call this crazy orgasm journey, but non the less, this CBD lube worked its wonders and relaxed my vagina to nirvana. Afterwards, I didn’t experience any stickiness or discomfort from the lube, it had completely absorbed and moisturized my skin. It was extremely easy to clean off of my toy, and didn’t leave any stains (I accidentally got some on my sheets).

The answer to it all

Especially after this effective experience, I feel confident saying that this lube is probably the answer to many issues that cause sexual discomfort. Not only did it relax my entire pelvic floor, but it made my vulva and vagina hypersensitive to stimulation- which some women struggle with. I think my next journey would be to use this with a male partner to see if they have similar effects, since I know many male friends who also struggle with sensitivity.  Make sure on MedAmour to use code JULIETA to get $10 off an order of $50 or more! This month they are going wild. 

  • Free samples in every order, a great way to try new lubes and products!

  • Free shipping on orders $50+

  • Free We Vibe Powerbank with any We Vibe purchase so you can charge your toys on the go (a $40 value).

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