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cbd favorites for sex

When it comes to blending cannabis and sexuality, it really isn’t a question for me anymore: It took using one CBD lube to completely transform my experience. What really appeals to me about cannabis based products is that they are powerful in producing stimulation, comforting inflammation and discomfort, as well as working wonders in the orgasm department. Especially for women who suffer from conditions like endometriosis or vaginismus, cannabis based products can make pleasurable sex possible!

Now don’t get me wrong- there are a number of non cannabis products I use that totally get my socks off, but I am a real softy for supporting cannabis and all it does for my orgasms. Here are a few of my favorite products right now!

Bella CBD Lube:

Ahhhh, I can never forget this lube taking my CBD sex virginity. Bella’s water based lubes is still one of my absolute favorites, and truly helps me relax my pelvic floor muscles after being super tense all day. Their water based formula holds up incredibly well during sex and self pleasure, without needing reapplication for the most part. I am super stoked to try their new Silicone formula, which is super ideal for my glass, crystal, and metal toys. I intend to have an in depth review on the silicone lube soon, as I also want to see its results when used for anal play. For now, you can read up on the water based review I did a while back here

High On Love Stimulating O Gel

If you are looking for powerful, blissful, and crazy stimulating sensation- look no further. This insane lubricant not only provides the added benefits of sexual comfort, promotion of lubrication, and relaxation… but it makes your clitoris and vulva ULTRA sensitive to touch and play. Using hemp seed oil as well as ingredients such as peppermint, its a natural and intriguing way to explore clitoral sensitivity.

Using just one tiny pump, that is enough to cover my clitoris, vulva, and vagina- with the gel stimulating me to self lubricate at the same time.  I would describe the feeling as warm and cooling sensations, with a buzzing stimulation. When applying it, it only takes about 5 minutes before I feel its full effects.

Comparable to the sensation of foreplay plus vibrations, you can see why this is killer for intensifying your experience and orgasms. Plus, the packaging is ridiculously luxurious and beautiful- I want everyone to see it! You can purchase High On Love's Stimulating O Gel here.

Privy Peach erotic topical oil

Privy Peach is unique in that it comes in individual packs, but I feel one foil pack is more than enough for a couple sessions. It is unique in the sense that one packet has 25mg of CBD, as compared to Bella’s entire bottle that has 25mg of CBD as well. What this means is that every packet delivers an ultra concentrated does of CBD straight to your vagina, and its magical. 

Being a very natural oil, You must warm it up with your hands first: un-warmed, it has the consistency of hardened coconut oil. It is not scented, and does frankly give off a stronger marijuana scent- which I am totally okay with.  Lathering my vulva and vagina with the oil, its full effects were felt after about 10 minutes.

Out of all the lubes, this one is a bit harder to describe in terms of sensation. You can definitely tell it has a strong CBD dose, with my pelvic floor muscles being 100% relaxed and comfortable during self pleasure and penetration. Giving a warm, wet, and slick feeling- I loved using this with my glass toy which can be uncomfortable if I'm not fully stimulated or sexually warmed up.

If you struggle with extremely painful sex and normal CBD lubricant isn’t doing the trick, I would recommend switching over to this very powerful oil. 

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