• Julieta Chiara

Brazilian wax-the experience

Hair or no hair

Why you may ask, do I pull the hair off my vulva once a month? Well, I promise you its really not that vulgar- its actually painless at this point. 

It has been of hot debate to discuss body hair on women, but its really, really simple: an empowered woman can keep or remove her body hair, and still be beautiful and confident. 

Body hair is just… hair. It is natural to have it and there is nothing wrong for it, but for many reasons we may choose to keep or remove it!

I have been waxing my body hair for over 4 years, and its a staple in order to keep my very sensitive skin healthy and happy. 


Ever since overcoming my eating disorder, I was left with an intense overgrowth of hair all over my body. While I wasn’t necessarily self conscious about it, I noticed in my teen years that shaving, especially my vulva, was traumatically painful and caused intense ingrown hairs. 

The hair would grow back even thicker, leaving me with little relief. I even let my hair grow, but actually found that having pubic hair was the most uncomfortable of all against my clothing and during sex due to its texture. 

Meeting Veronica at a waxing center we worked at, I got my first taste into waxing my Brazilian area. This includes your entire pubic mound, vulva, and around your anus and glutes. The look was completely different- no razor burns, no discoloration from the hair being in the follicle, no ingrown hairs, and best of all.. the hair comes back incredibly thin, and didn’t fully grow back for about 3 weeks!

Why are women scared of waxing?

When I worked at a waxing center, I found that many women wanted to explore waxing but were scared for a number of reasons, So lets debunk those.

-Its Painful

Ladies, its really not that painful. The first wax hurts the worst, and the ones after become painless. This is because the hair gets thinner and weakens, making it easier to remove. The more you shave, the thicker it becomes and the faster it grows back!

-You're self Conscious of your vagina

I get it, its daunting to lay on a table spread eagle with your vagina out. So many women get scared that they don’t have a nice vagina, or don’t want someone looking. You must realize that this is your waxers job and they stare at different vaginas all day long! As Veronica explained to me, they are just focused on removing the hair, not on what the client’s vulva looks like.

-You're worried you will get judged

There is a huge misconception that it isn’t feminist to wax or remove body hair, since many women do it because men like it. I think its feminist AF to make whatever choice you want with your body hair, and its nobody else's business.