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BLush Novelties Review: luxe bling plugs

So you’re interested in anal play, but don’t know where to start? A plug training kit may be your best friend! While I won’t go into heavy detail since this definitely constitutes a post of its own, anal play is very common and extremely pleasurable when done in the correct ways. Who is anal play for? Well, its for everyone! 

Anal intro

Society is starting to pick up the speed and normalize anal play, which is wonderful news. The ass is nothing that should be ignored, considering its amazing benefits to ALL people who participate. When starting off, it can be very pleasurable to experiment with oral sex or finger play- something I definitely recommend for beginners. When you feel more confident, a butt plug is a wonderful toy to add in during your solo or partner sexual encounters for added sensation. 

Always use lubricant with any anal play, you do not self lubricate and the friction can cause injury! The more lube, the better and more comfortable for you. As for feeling, butt plugs on males can be a great way to stimulate the prostate while also stimulating the outer nerves. For females, it can stimulate the outer nerves, and provide pressure against the vaginal canal (leading to more sensation). That is a very vague explanation, which I will explain in a lengthier post. 


Now I have tried many types of plugs- ranging from silicone, glass, and metal. While they all have their benefits, a silicone plug is the most comfortable when you are first starting out. When Blush Novelties sent me this training kit, I was so excited to try out the most beautiful set I have ever seen. I have been a Blush Novelties admirer for quite some time, since they have made such an incredible name in the sex toy industry. Not only are they all inclusive and cater to everybody, they have incredibly high quality toys that are bound to rock your world. I highly recommend you check out their blog and website after this to see their INSANE product line and mission!

The Kit

The beautiful set came with a small, medium, and large size- made of black, body safe silicone (with no toxic ingredients added). The flared base is a heart shaped, extremely shiny, red ruby gemstone. Not only do they feel like satin smooth, but they are downright decorative- a true heartfelt surprise if you were to bend over for someone! For those of you who don’t know, anal toys should have a flared base so they don’t get lost in your body. You signed up for fun anal play, not the hospital!

The Feel 

Since we are using a high quality silicone toy, we want to make sure to use a high quality, water based lubricant. While I am accustomed to a small butt plug that I use regularly, I decided to start off with the middle size during self pleasure.

My first impression was the amazing quality of the silicone- it is so soft, and it doesn't feel like tacky, sticky plastic while touching your skin. The plugs had appropriate width to them, so it was never difficult to ease the toy in and was actually very comfortable! When it came to sanitation, the plugs were very easy to clean and didn’t hold any lubricant residue. 

My favorite feature about the plugs, apart from doing their job to feel amazing, is the flexible stem and flare.

A problem I have always had with a solid butt plug (metal/glass) is the uncomfortable transitions or positions that they cause due to being immobile. During partnered sex, these can be uncomfortable since your partner thrusting could cause unwanted movement of the plug.  With the flexibility of this toy, it was easy to move around seamlessly without experiencing any awkward pokes or angles. In partnered sex, it would be a dream come true to be in any position you would like, and have your plug stay in place and compliment your pleasure. 

The Verdict

In my eyes, this product is a 10/10 and is a wonderful kit to have- beginner or not. It can compliment your sex life by adding light to intense anal stimulation, and work you up to other anal activities. Even if you’re experienced with anal play, the kit's training sizes are still pleasurable to have during partnered or solo sex. Seeing as these plugs can cater to any stage of your sexual needs with its pristine design, inclusive of all people, and come from an ethical company who are top notch? It's a go in my book. 

Play on Lovelies!

Use Blush Novelties “Store Locator” to find a retailer near you who sells them, or a few online retailers you can purchase from are here:

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