• Julieta Chiara

Battle of the Magic Wands w/ Medamour

It's no secret I'm a wand fanatic. So much, that in the last month I received 10+ wands. Is that too much? Never, the limit does not exist! I was blessed to have MedAmour send me the trifecta of Magic Wands to compare and contrast.

A Fucking Classic

Magic Wand is historically known as the first wand created, back in the late 1960's. What started as an OG massager for the body was quickly turned into one of the world's most iconic pleasure products. Betty Dodson often referred to buying this product in the appliance section of Macy's, and may or may not have made this product as famous as it is. I'm proud of folks who figured out that this simple item could really rock your clits word, one buzz at a time.

My first "wand" was surely a knock off, considering I bought it at 17 with no money, and it broke after 3-4 uses. As a proud clitoris owner, I feel it's my duty to carry on the authentic, vibrating legacy. It's time I owned my own real, authentic wand- but which one do I choose?

Magic Wand Original

The Magic Wand Original comes with the classic textured head, and is plug in- meaning that it will never die on you mid-orgasm! Upon first glance and touch, my first thought was "is this texture too rough for the clitoris?". As someone who has definitely overdone it or gotten irritated from the toys I've used, I definitely take texture into consideration. OG has a 6 foot cord, making it a pretty accessible toy if you plan to use it bedside- if it's not, an extension cord can easily solve your problems.

This design is so straight forward, and simple. On the control switch, you have two options of steady vibrations: steady, low vibe and then POWERFUL VIBES. Also, did I mention it's super fucking affordable? It's cheaper than most of my bullet vibrators.

Since I was worried about the texture, I used Pjur Water Based Lube on my vulva and some on the toy to protect me from friction. I started on the lower vibrational setting, and I was in for a fucking treat: not only do the vibes feel good, but the texture is DIVINE. Within a couple minutes I jumped the heat to the second, more powerful setting. I didn't regret this choice, considering I spent the next 2 hours going at it with the OG. That kind of explosive, ongoing orgasm round was dedicated to the people before me and after me who enjoy such power.

The texture and power is what absolutely made this wand enjoyable for me. I loved the feeling against my clitoris, and the vibrations were a deep rumble that I could really enjoy throughout my entire vulva. It was so comforting knowing that at no point it would die on me, and I could plug it in whenever I wanted it.

I know what you're thinking, some of you are too lazy to want it plugged in. Make it fucking happen! Don't cheat yourself of one of the most classic experiences. If you are a pattern person, this wand may not be versatile enough for those needs. This is straightforward vibes with only two options. This did me good, considering I could give a fuck about patterns on vibrators.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Any item can survive the times, as long as you make it modern. There was no question that a rechargeable should be made: it's convenient, you don't need to plug it in to use (unless you're charging), and in many ways can be more portable.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable upgrade definitely deviates from some of the classic look and feel. First off, it's practically double the price of the OG Wand. Its base is wider than the OG wand, and has a broader, smooth silicone head. Instead of two vibration options you now have 4 intensities, and 4 patterns. You can optionally charge it or keep it plugged in for ongoing power, which lets be honest: we came here for the power.

Putting lubricant on my vulva and the head, I started off at the lowest setting and worked my way to the strongest. Again, DEFINITELY A POWERFUL VIBE. The broader head was a plus in that radiated the vibes through more of my vulva, and didn't feel so pinpointed to my clitoris as the OG Wand.

The broader head also makes this wand easier to grind against, or have a partner hold it on you: You really cannot miss the fucking clitoris with something of this size. After use, I even put it on my neck to work out some kinks: Long behold, this felt really fucking nice. Unfortunately, I didn't explore any of the patterns because they simply don't do anything for me.

Overall, incredibly enjoyable, but I like the texture and power of the OG Wand better.

Magic Wand Plus