Anal Training Kit: BVIBE

Butt Stuff… Oh I remember the humble beginnings of my blog, and first being asked to talk about anal. I was terrified, scared, and thought the entire world would judge me- isn’t it funny to see how far we come? At this point, I am not scared to talk about anything on this blog because… the world needs to hear it all. 

If we lived in a world without butt stuff, would it truly be THAT satisfying? Absolutely not. 

Meeting the Lovely Alicia Sinclair, aka “Mother of Brands” and the creator of my beloved Le Wand Massager… you may not know she has an entire brand just for butt stuff. B-Vibe is an inclusive and diverse product line aimed at comfortable and pleasure filled anal play-  and what did she do that is so unique? B-Vibe is probably one of the only brands that provides a comprehensive, educational, and functional Anal Training Kit to actually set you up for booty success. 

I get it, I really do- when you think anal play, it’s like… where do I start? While I can provide excellent info on oral and finger play, many of you would like to train your booties for full penetration or simply enjoy the use of toys. Anal penetration is like a fine art, it takes time to master and you should probably be guided through the way.

Whats in the kit

First off, can we say hello to this packaging? Your kit comes in a beautiful box that makes storage easy and gorgeous- I love the fact that actual packaging is simple, and non graphic. 

The kit includes 7 pieces:

-Education Guide

-Anal Enema

-Lube Launcher

-1 small Plug

-1 Medium Vibrating Plug

-1 Large Plug

-Travel Case (Hold your plugs people, this is essential).

With this kit, the only thing you need to provide is a good water based lubricant, and that’s it! If you’re new to anal play, it can be intimidating to try to find all these products- let alone the name of some. I’m a woman of convenience, so clearly getting an inclusive box makes my life so much easier. 

The education book

The “Complete Guide to Anal Play” is essentially the Holy Bible of Booty Play. The cover, encompassed with a unicorn (clearly a favorite) is incredibly inviting and inclusive to anyone looking to explore. 

Providing 8 in depth sections, the guide covers Getting Started, Anal Anatomy & Pleasure, Hygiene, Lubrication, Butt Plugs 101, What is Anal Training, Anal Play Extras, and Aftercare. 

What was so impressive about the guide in my opinion was actually teaching the anatomy of the rectum, how to be versatile in anal pleasure, and how anal pleasure works for a body depending on your biological sex. Without hesitation, the guide tells you exactly how to follow each step with the products, and what best practices can be used to get you accustomed and loving some booty play. 

Without a doubt, this is like reading a small novel of juicy info that would be almost impossible to accurately cover in a span of my blogs- it is clear the contributors did extensive research, and made the content friendly for anybody with a curiosity for anal #everyonehasabutt

Cleaning out

Yes y’all, cleaning out should be a staple in anal play for very obvious reasons. I get very annoyed when heterosexual men assume women don’t have to do this- surprise, everyone poops and I would like to vouch that women may in fact, poop more than men. I eat 24/7, usually consume a ton of caffeine and supplements, and have a bodybuilding style diet most of the year- anal on command does not exist for me. I need a good amount of time to prepare, and an enema is the easiest way to do so. 

As suggested by the guide, I filled up the enema with warm water to help flush out any debris that could be in the rectum before starting. Applying generous lube around my anus and then on the tip of the enema, I got on my hands and knees, gently inserting the tip of the enema and squeezing the warm water inside of me. Holding for 15 seconds, I then stood up and sat on the toilet and let my body release the water, and anything it carried with it. You will want to do this a few times until there is no more fecal matter in the water- then you are fully cleaned out and ready to party!

Be careful how much water you flush into yourself- if it goes too deep and past the rectum, you could actually stimulate yourself to poop more.. which is unideal (and I have done that before, not fun). 

Warming Up

Before I start with the smallest plug, I like to warm myself up by playing on the outside and then lightly on the inside with my fingers- you can see how I do this through my last blog on Anal: Oral and Finger Play. Using lube, I gently stroke the rim of my ass and then worked my way to inserting a finger.

This first part is essential, for as the guide suggests: Relaxation of the sphincter is absolute key. As someone with a vagina, I found that it was the easiest to relax by laying on my side, and also providing a bit of clitoral stimulation at the same time. This already felt so good, so I was excited to start off with the plugs. 

Lube Launcher

When I first started having anal sex, I was completely unaware of one of the worlds best inventions: a lube launcher. Looking like a thick syringe, a lube launcher helps you insert lubricant deep into your vagina or anal canal so you have adequate internal lubrication.

Using Intimate Earth’s Soothe, an antibacterial anal lubricant, I filled up the syringe about midway through (You don’t need too much when just using plugs, with penetrative sex you want to load up). While still on my side, I gently inserted the syringe and pushed the lubricant in- this didn’t feel like anything at all! Just to make sure everything was ready, I inserted a finger and to my delight- lubricant was abundant and ready for play time. 

The Plugs:

The soft, silicone plugs have a unique, anchor like shape- these are definitely meant for booty comfort. The tips are rounded, meaning they do not poke your anus the wrong way when trying to insert. They start small, and then gradually flare to build size- slowly working your way to the largest width of the plug and then hitting the neck. The neck, or the stem, is extremely flexible so when you move around with the plug inside, you don’t face discomfort or any odd tugging feelings (more likely to happen with glass or metal plugs). 

The “anchor” or “stopper” is put in place for anal toys so they don’t get lost in your anal cavity- we have all heard those horror stories. B-vibe's anchors are unique in that they curve with the shame of someones booty and surrounding area, fitting perfectly into your butt crack and perineum area. Some plugs have circular anchors, making it hard to walk around with them in.

Keep in mind that with the plugs, it may be advisable to keep them inside of you and walk around to get used to the feeling of anal stimulation. This greatly helped me learn how to relax my sphincter, in fact it was quite pleasurable. With each, once inserted, try getting up and moving into different positions and observing how your body responds to the feeling of a plug inside of you. 


After adequate finger play, this plug was the easiest to just slide right in. I could definitely feel the toy get wider once it was almost completely inserted, but I was able to handle it like a champ. Placing the anchor vertically and snuggly against my butt crack, I stood up and walked around. Although I could feel that the plug was inside of me, this one was incredibly comfortable and would probably be my go to during sex. I didn’t feel like it interfered with positions, and it definitely amplified feeling to my vulva.

Keep in mind the anus directly behind the vagina, so having a plug inserted is definitely noticeable when penetrating your vagina as well. Your vagina may feel as if its tighter, for the plug is taking up space in the rectum. 


I haven’t played with anal sex in a long time, so for lack of better terms, the next two plugs were a bit of a stretch. As outlined in the guidebook, anal practice isn’t a one time thing. It has to be done continuously in order to get used to the feeling and find your pleasure points. Laying on my side and practicing breathing techniques, I could feel that this one was much bigger than what I am usually putting in my butt nowadays (in terms of toys). Breathing in, then on my breath out, I was able to put the plug all the way in- what a rush of sensation! Just simply relaxing myself through breath made inserting the toy so much easier, and sensational in a good way. 

This medium plug vibrates, so I had to take that feature for a swing. Although the vibration didn’t do much for me internally, it felt very nice around my rim on the outside. I could see how if perhaps I had a prostate, the vibrational aspect would be a orgasmic experience.

Moving into different positions, this one felt much more apparent inside of me… but that wasn’t a bad thing. Laying on my back and stimulating my clitoris, it was thrilling feeling sensation from my butt whenever I made any twitches or sudden movements from clitoral stimulation. I feel it really amplified the sensitivity of my vulva- making it a favorite for solo play. Depending on positions, I am not sure if I would like this plug with partnered play- just means I have to try!


The head honcho, the big mama, the Mount Everest, the biggest plug in the kit. This plug is about the length of my hand and incredibly thick, probably made to best resemble a penetrative partner or toy.

Although I was incredibly relaxed and had great experiences with the last two plugs, I simply was not able to relax enough to fit this plug inside of me. About halfway up the plug, the flared base was simply just too wide for this session. This is perfectly normal, for anal training is not a one step ordeal- it takes practice, and more practice. The large plug put strain on my rectum, which was my indicator to stop what I was doing and return to the smaller ones for more play. 


Afterwards, I followed the guidebook’s cleaning instructions and let all items air dry- my mission was completed! 

I have more practice to do, as we all can when it comes to anal play. This kit made it very easy to access all the tools I needed, plus a massive amount of information, in order to carefully and pleasurably play with myself. The versatile plug sizes are incredible builders to anal penetration, and there is a size for everyone- there is no pressure to do something you cannot handle just yet. Per guide’s suggestions, there are many activities you can do with the plugs, yourself, and partner for successful anal activities. 

Thank you B-vibe for these sweet booty times, and more to come!

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