• Julieta Chiara

Anal Training Kit: BVIBE

Butt Stuff… Oh I remember the humble beginnings of my blog, and first being asked to talk about anal. I was terrified, scared, and thought the entire world would judge me- isn’t it funny to see how far we come? At this point, I am not scared to talk about anything on this blog because… the world needs to hear it all. 

If we lived in a world without butt stuff, would it truly be THAT satisfying? Absolutely not. 

Meeting the Lovely Alicia Sinclair, aka “Mother of Brands” and the creator of my beloved Le Wand Massager… you may not know she has an entire brand just for butt stuff. B-Vibe is an inclusive and diverse product line aimed at comfortable and pleasure filled anal play-  and what did she do that is so unique? B-Vibe is probably one of the only brands that provides a comprehensive, educational, and functional Anal Training Kit to actually set you up for booty success. 

I get it, I really do- when you think anal play, it’s like… where do I start? While I can provide excellent info on oral and finger play, many of you would like to train your booties for full penetration or simply enjoy the use of toys. Anal penetration is like a fine art, it takes time to master and you should probably be guided through the way.

Whats in the kit

First off, can we say hello to this packaging? Your kit comes in a beautiful box that makes storage easy and gorgeous- I love the fact that actual packaging is simple, and non graphic. 

The kit includes 7 pieces:

-Education Guide

-Anal Enema

-Lube Launcher

-1 small Plug

-1 Medium Vibrating Plug

-1 Large Plug

-Travel Case (Hold your plugs people, this is essential).