• Julieta Chiara

Anal Massaging? B-Vibe x Le Wand kit!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We’ve been stuck at home for months, so it’s definitely no surprise that some of us may in fact need a… Surprise. 

I think sometimes the cliché of being a sex blogger is that people think that we masturbate all the time, which we do masturbate more than most.  

Like many things in life that are done repetitively, it also means we tend to get bored easily. As someone who started off as a strictly clitoral stimulation kind of masturbator, then incorporating some insertable‘s, to occasionally using some solo anal play, I’ve seen my pleasure horizons expand.

Pleasure is an endless journey, and we are unaware of how much our bodies are capable of experiencing. With all 3 types of genital stimulation I've accomplished, I thought to myself... why not try them all at once. The Trifecta, the unicorn combo, the great white buffalo.  

Usually if I want to slam this all out together it, it’s a bit of a hassle. It means that I’m going to have to round up a bunch of different toys that all somehow work synergistically together and don’t get in the way of each other. When you’re involving anal that’s a whole other process which can also be multi-stepped and require multiple products. 

b-Vibe has been a constant anal go to of mine, simply because I have their original anal training kit that comes with absolutely everything I need. But, how does this work for someone like me with a vulva, if you’re looking to fill and buzz every hole?

b-Vibe x Le Wand Massage Kit 

Knowing Alicia, it shouldn’t have been such a surprise that she came out with such an innovative package. I definitely wanted to get my hands on this massage package just because it’s all encompassing with everything a vulva owner may want.

This is also a pretty sweet fucking package if you’re a beginners and masturbating and want to have some thing that includes a little bit of everything. Not to mention this would also be a great couples tour because the products included are inclusive to all bodies.

I haven’t read it’s fine lines yet, but it could be a lethal weapon of a pack. I mean, all jokes aside, we all know what happens when I mix any sort of anal into my masturbation. Usually results in mine blowing vision ruining orgasms, which may or may not be dangerous to some. But I’ll let you decipher that.

The 10 Piece Kit 

The Anal Massage and Education Set comes with 10 pieces:

  • Guide to anal massage & pleasure

  • Le Wand Petite in awesome galaxy blue, one of my favorite vibes.

  • Le Wand Petite attachment perfect for vaginal or P-Spot stimulation

  • Snug plug for le booty

  • Cleanup towel

  • Lube launcher to coat the rectum thoroughly

  • Anal douche

  • Latex gloves for booty play

  • Travel pack to put everything in

  • Tiny little finger condoms that are meant to be used for anal play. 

What I’m most impressed with is the vast variety of prep products for anal. Whether you’re using this with a partner or not, gloves or finger condoms are convenient because eases some peoples fear of touching their anal region.

It makes for clean play and cleanup, and if you’re using this with a partner, you have barrier protection which is very important even if you’re just using fingers. 

As for the key components, which would be the vibrator, butt plug, and attachment, I’m thrilled to use it all in one. it’s no secret I’m a fan girl of these brands individually. In fact, I may be pretty biased since I curse the day I ever have to have sex without my Le Wand Massager. 

Let's Anal massage

Something that actually is pretty unique is I’ve never tried one of the snug plugs. The snug plugs do have a unique shape, and I have seen the shape before with an older brand that’s mostly centered in the gay scene. I

’m very used to plugs that start thin and then slowly taper up to a larger size, which this does slightly. I appreciate the really thin and flexible silicone stems that b-Vibe plugs have, this one is no exception.

It’s super comfortable especially when you wanna walk around with them: I mean, I hope they don’t call it snug plug for no reason.