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anal August: ORal and finger fun

New To Anal play?

Anal play is fun, and it’s fun for everyone- because everyone on this planet (hopefully) has an ass they can utilize for such activities. You may not be down with full penetration- so the good news is that you can still enjoy incredible booty play without going full swing!

First thing is First, Hygiene:

Before any sort of anal play, it is essential to clean the area to avoid accidents and also stop the spread of germs.The best way to do so is by rinsing the area with a gentle soap, just as you would in the shower. If you anticipate light penetration, you can practice a light water enema, which this website wrote a wonderful article on

If a water enema is not available to you, and easy method is to insert your finger into your anus while inside the shower, clearing out any remaining fecal matter that could be in the first portion of your rectum. 

Doing an enema is not necessary for outer anal play, or even for penetration, but I would highly recommend it as it ensures being feces free during play. As outlined in the link above, doing enemas does come with risk when done improperly or too often- read up!

When it comes to hair, hair removal is not necessary for anal play. I prefer removing hair for anal play because its easier to access the booty, especially on my male partners- its all up to personal preference, but certainly not a deal breaker!

Oral Play

Choosing a position that is comfortable, start by giving long, flat tongue strokes to rim of the anus. You can then experiment with going around the rim in a circular fashion, choosing a rhythm that works well for your partner. Make sure that as the giver, your partner is in a position that allows you to comfortably breathe and not cause strain to the tongue or mouth. I found that my favorite way to receive is either in doggy style, sitting on face, or in missionary with a pillow underneath my back to prop myself up (Dame’s Pillo is great for this). 

You can combine oral stimulation with manual stimulation of the clitoris or penis, as long as this feels desirable to your partner. When this happens, I try to incorporate lube so I can comfortably stroke my partner’s penis and not take away from the experience. On someone with a vulva, you can stroke the clitoris in a circular motion or use a toy on your partner. 

On the flip side, you can hold a vibrator to your partner's booty while going down on them- this can sometimes be a little more acrobatic, but you can experiment with different positions. Using a vibrator while getting booty action, combined with a bit of lube, is ASStronomically orgasmic- quote my words.

  • When your partner has a vulva, do not take your Tongue from ass to vulva. This could accidentally transfer bacteria, and cause infections or UTI’s. Always take time in between to sanitize, as in brush your teeth and tongue just incase. 

  • For added protection, you may use a dental dam to create a protective barrier between the anus and mouth. 

Finger Play

When it comes to anal stimulation using the fingers, we must be mindful that the anus does not produce its own lubrication. Using a water based or a silicone based lube, apply a generous amount to 1-2 fingers. For water based, I would really recommend Intimate Earth’s Soothe or Defense, silicone I would recommend Uberlube or Migliori

As with oral play, you can gently stimulate the rim of the anus by tracing your fingers in a circular motion. This can be comfortably combined with also stimulating your partners vulva or penis for added sensation. As I said before, this can be quite sensational when using a vibrator on your partner as well. 

If you partner is ready to try penetration through fingers, make sure they are adequately warmed up through outer stimulation first. The easiest way to accomplish comfortable penetration is to have your partner fully relaxed.

To start, find a position where your partner feels most comfortable- for me, starting penetration play is easiest when I am laying on my side. The more warmed up I get, the saucier I can get with different positions.

Applying a generous amount of lube to your pointer or middle finger, gently start to insert your finger into the anus. I find that gently rimming the anus, and then taking a few times to gently insert the tip of your finger, is a great precursor to getting used to the “inside” feeling.

Take this process very slowly, checking in with your partner to see if they feel comfortable enough for deeper insertion. Remember that penetration is not always an option- if it's not comfortable, your partner doesn't feel warmed up, or if there is any pain- move on to other things. You can always try again, but no anal stimulation will happen if you're stressed or uncomfortable- in fact, your ass will just clench up.

Once fully inserted, and if your partner is comfortable, you can practice a light and slow “in and out” motion. This is a great method to combine with other forms of stimulation, such as oral to the vulva or penis. If your partner has a prostate, you can read here how to give a killer prostate massage- this would involve different motions of the fingers stimulate your partner. 

  • For added protection or easy cleanup, you can practice this style of stimulation wearing a latex glove. 

  • Using a toy, such as a plug or anal wand can be a good alternative to fingers. If using a silicone toy, make sure to only combine with a water based lubricant. 

Keep posted, for I will be writing a post on my favorite anal lubes and anal toys to use in your Anal August Journey. 


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