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A Classic:Jejoue Mimi Soft

Classy, feminine, and modern- the JeJoue Mimi Soft is a toy I wish I would have been able to see in my early days of buying a vibrator. 

Meeting the JeJoue team in LA was a synergetic conversation of aligning goals, giving a new face to what it means to be an adult toy producer and the image you portray. When it comes to buying adult products, my biggest goal has been to showcase products and their uses in a non graphic, inviting way.  

JeJoue in itself has done a great job at creating a brand that is delightfully appealing to the eye, as well as your sexual senses. I mean, look at this packaging? I'm not sure if I was sent vibrator, or art to display around my home!

To test out Mimi, I took it on my trip to Budapest to see if this could indeed be a great travel vibe to carry on us at all times: if your vibrators can’t come around the world with you, are they worth it? 

Mimi Soft Design

The Mimi Soft is indeed, made from an incredibly soft and velvety silicone- as vulva owners, this is super ideal because we can play for longer without abrasion. With 4 different colors, you can really choose one to fit your aesthetic: I was sent the Lilac and Purple. Mimi is about the size of my palm, and has an oval shape- the tip being incredibly flexible and bendy!


This vibrator has a super easy, self explanatory interface with the 3 buttons on the bottom end. The minus and plus signs indicate moving from the 5 different levels of vibrational intensities, while the middle sign with an “S” design indicated which of the 7 patterns you wish to use. Completely waterproof, you can truly take the mimi on any adventure… given you are adventurous enough. This is made possible by magnetically charging Mimi vs having open ports.

Lets Play

The first thing I noticed about Mimi’s design was its broad surface, making it a great vibe if you want to cover the surface of your vulva. Given its oval shape, you can move it around using the edges to hit more direct pleasure points!

Turning it on, initially the vibrations were as gentle as a butterfly flutter. What is impressive about the mimi is that no matter how hard you apply pressure, the vibrations don’t weaken. Mimi is incredibly quiet, making a rumbly noise that is honestly covered up pretty well if you are using it underneath sheets or inside of the shower. 


I like to deem myself a bit of a power queen when it comes to my clitoral stimulation, so I went ahead and jumped up to the strongest vibrational setting there is. I don’t use patterns, so I kept my pattern on the steady flow of vibrations while in use. To directly pinpoint the vibrations to my clitoris, I really applied the tip and played around with applying pressure to send the strongest vibrations in.

With the curved sides, I experimented with gliding it on the sides of my vulva and working my way back up to the clitoris. The vibration emitted were rumbly and deep, something that can be hard to find in pocket sized vibrators. 

It did take me longer to reach climax with the Mimi soft due to its gentle vibrations, but none the less my orgasm was everything I needed it to be: delightful, toe curling, and an instant smile to my face. 

Do we take Mimi? Yes. 

Compared to some of my favorite vibes, the Mimi is not the strongest vibrator I have ever used: but still incredibly powerful as a vibe that can fit in my purse. This is actually a positive thing, because not everyone can handle or enjoy extreme forms of vibration.

Mimi is strong enough, yet gentle enough, to cater to clitoris owners who are more sensitive to sensation since you can start slow and work your way up to setting that fits your needs. It is also a wonderful toy to introduce to someone who hasn’t owned a vibrator, given the versatility of its patterns and settings- plus easy interface.

No one likes being over-vibed and confused with their toy the first time they attempt buying one!

Traveling with Mimi was by far one of the easiest adventures I have ever had considering it has such a classy design. From afar, my friend said it happens to look like a cosmetic tool such as a facial massager or sponge, so I got through International security without anyone questioning what this glorious, palm sized goodie was for.

Given I was traveling, the only thing I wish Mimi came with would be a travel bag for storage. The silicone is so soft, that it does happen to hold onto things like dust (or in my case, my hair because it’s everywhere). Give it a quick rinse with water before use and it is good to go!

*If you want to get weird looks, you should indeed conduct a full on vibrator photoshoot in front of a Hungarian Basilica.

For our sensitive folk

If you experience clitoral or vulvar sensitivity due to a health issues, this could truly be the perfect toy for you given how gentle it is. Combined with a little water based lubricant, the lower settings combined with patterns could help you explore your pleasure safely without compromising your comfortability. The soft silicone is non-abrasive, and you can work the curves of Mimi with your own natural shape. 

Thank you JeJoue!

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