5 Reasons to try CBD LUbe

CBD and THC products have exploded in society, and hell: I am a huge CBD supporter for my anxiety. I preciously did a review on the Bella CBD Aqua D’amore lube, and it has basically taken over my life. I have a job to accomplish by testing out multiple lubes, which has put me in a pickle since I am head over heels in love with the 4th of July firework orgasms this lube has given me. With the incredible opportunity to talk to many of you about your experiences with painful sex, hormones, arousal, ect. This is a perfect time to tell you why CBD lube will save your vagina.

This product is available through the ladies at MedAmour, and remember to use code JULIETA for $10 of a $50+ purchase, plus free samples with every order (try out new stuff)! This is a water based lube that you can combine with ANY toy!

Sex is painful for you

I would say this is the top reason I would recommend CBD Lube to any woman, since we use lubricant as a means to be comfortable. Not only does it provide the lubrication you may lack, but the CBD is an anti-inflammatory, numbs the area, and promotes relaxation of the pelvic muscles. I have gotten an overwhelming amount of messages from women with sexual discomfort and how this lube has made it possible for them to have sex. Many of these women have conditions like endometriosis, PCOS, or hormonal changes such as birth control or pregnancy which can cause extreme pain and vaginal dryness. When buying this product, I recommend getting a lube launcher as well: This syringe like launcher will help you get lube far in your vagina for better absorption. 

You have trouble getting aroused

I have totally been here- through birth controls or stress, it feels like my vagina just does not want to work sometimes. I can’t get aroused, can’t lubricate, or literally can’t feel anything. This lube works to actually stimulate blood flow, since our clitoris is made of erectile tissue. As I did in my review, I applied the lube on the outside and let it absorb for about 15 minutes before I could feel that I was fully aroused (without anyones help, without my own). For me, that was pretty magical considering how many times I have gotten frustrated during sex since I couldn’t get close to an orgasm.

Orgasm Queen

Now I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I am a multi orgasm type of girl. I rarely stop at just one, and its brought me great joy to have this super power. CBD lube has changed the quality of my orgasms, and basically makes each and every single one feel like a NASA rocket launch on steroids. This could be very useful for women on medications that may stifle sex drive, since they usually lower the quality of your orgasm. When I was on antidepressants I was able to orgasm, but they were short and it felt extremely weak. Now, the only thing that is weak is my knees after these incredibly intense orgasms that radiate through my whole body!

New Sensations

Apart from the heavy arousal, the CBD makes your vagina feel amazing. I have tried so many lubes from warming, tingling, cooling, tightening, whatever the hell you can think of- its been on my vagina. Most the time, these specialty lubes irritate me and don’t really produce any effects, although I look forward to trying some of MedAmour's organic lubes that they have sent me. The CBD lube provides a warm tingling that can be felt from the inside of my vagina, and spreads to my vulva and thighs- for lack of better terms, it feels as if a localized area is somewhat “high”. Even after intercourse or self pleasure, the feeling lingers on and is oddly calming.

Perfect for sensitive Sallys

I am the OG sensitive sally, and it feels like everything irritates me. I have struggled with finding the right condoms because of latex sensitivity, the right lubes, and right toys. This has probably been one of the only lubes I have EVER tried that has not irritated me at the slightest. It is made out of organic ingredients, has no smell, and no coloring, and its not going to completely destroy your PH balance. A girlfriend of mine recently used cheap drugstore lube and ended up with a yeast infection from hell- lesson learned ladies!

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