• Julieta Chiara

5 Best psychedelic Trip Locations

As a world traveler, I've embraced experimenting with psychedelics to augment my adventures. Psychedelics are a healing tool in many ways, my favorite being that they open your eyes to beauty and feelings you may not explore otherwise. I've found this so profound when traveling (and tripping) in certain locations, and I'm excited to share my top 5 around the world with you.

words of advice

Before you go off and trip wherever, there are a few things to consider:

- When I say trip, I'm usually referring to a higher micro dose of LSD or mushrooms. I stray away from full doses, especially in public places, because I like to be present enough to function. When traveling, you'll be talking to people like guides, authorities, or the general public: You need to be able to hold your shit together.

- We must remember that psychedelics are very much illegal in most areas. This is a risk you are taking when traveling with them or trying to source them. Mind you, LSD on paper or a small amount of mushrooms are incredibly hard to detect via most security systems. What you do with that info is on you, lol.

The Great Pyramids - Egypt

This has been my top experience in the whole fucking world. The pyramids are one of the most ancient, sacred places in the world and the vibration is unmatched. Taking a small dose of LSD was absolutely wonderful here, and ironically made the heat of Egypt more bearable as you're touring. I recommend taking your tour slow, and really chiming into the feeling of this place. We did a 2 hour camel ride around the pyramids, which gave us more than enough time to soak in this beauty.

How to get there: When you fly into Cairo, I recommend finding an Air BnB in Giza since it's easier to access the pyramids from there. Our tour guide, Sahl, is fucking wonderful and handles picking you up, taking you on a tour, and dropping you off.

Make sure to drink A TON of water, and have things like sunscreen, sunglasses, and something to wrap your head to make your trip more comfortable.

Swiss Waterfalls - Interlaken, Switzerland

Switzerland looks like fucking Narnia, making it one of the world's most gorgeous trip sites. No matter where you are in Switzerland, please just trip for the sake of beauty! We found a wonderful waterfall hike in Interlaken on a rainy/sunny day. The trip was so sweet with the rush of nature around you, clean air, and the crisp mist of the waterfall and rain hitting you.

How to get there: I flew into Geneva, and did a 2 hour road trip to hit the Bern/Interlaken area. Make sure to wear good shoes, as I did slip on the cobble stone hike and got pretty bruised up. Luckily on LSD, I tolerated the pain well and was too distracted by the beauty to care. If you have time, take a drive through Lauterbrunnen.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia, designed by architect Gaudi, was made for people who are tripping sack. The outside is a whole story of it's own while the inside is filled with rainbow stained glass windows. The inner beams are made to mimic trees, while the interior is marked with interesting structures that play with your sense of depth. With a good dose of mushrooms, you can get lost looking at all the features of this place - or, just sit down in the seats inside and take it all in.

How to get there: Fly into Barcelona, and book an Air BnB anywhere in the area. To get inside Sagrada Familia, you must book your tickets online and download their app. Your entry gets you a free audio tour, which you can listen to via your own phone and headphones. I highly recommend the guided tour to learn about the history and through process of building Sagrada Familia. Once you're done, there's a little park in

front of the main entrance that's wonderful for taking photos.

Delicate Arch - Moab, Utah